Global Soda Blasting Company
Global Soda Blasting Company

Global Soda Blasting Company offers

Boat/Maritime Solutions

Boats dropped off for hull repair are soda blasted to remove existing paint right down to the gel coat safely and efficiently. We remove blisters and multiple layers of paint without damaging the gel coat.

Automotive Paint Removal

The BEST WAY to strip paint off your car. This environmentally safe process strips your car down to the bare metal and leaves behind a clean, factory-condition finish.

Food Processing Industry Sanitization

Our non-toxic process resolves food-industry specific cleaning challenges like biofilm intrusion, grease, grime, and smoke. We fit the requirements of any HACCP/SSOP program and are USDA, FDA and Kosher approved.

Fire Restoration & Mold

Soda blasting removes smoke and soot damage from wood studs, brick, concrete, interlocking stone, concrete block, joist, and sheathing materials. It also works exceptionally well on eliminating mold damage.

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