Global Soda Blasting Company
Global Soda Blasting Company

Thank you Global Soda Blasting did a great job on my 57 ford truck!
~ Shirden Coe

Was impressed how the soda remove the paint off of his 56 Ford Fairlane and how easy to clean up!
~ Jim Castleberry

Just wanted to Thank Global Soda Blasting for showing up last minute and helping on the job How it clean the charred wood and got rid of the older from the fire PS great job

Global Soda blasting has a very useful and versital product. They are capable of gently and thoroughly cleaning everything from smoke damage after a fire loss, to taking the paint off of vehicles and equipment. The process is safe, involves no toxic chemicals, and does an amazing job of cleaning and removing paint and overlay without damaging the underlying material in any way. It both cleans and deodorizes. We have found it to be a terrific and cost effective solution in several claims situations.
~ Bob Buttes Insurance Agency


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